More Popular Than Ever: Wedding Tents

A wedding is a special occasion not only for the ones getting married but for their friends and loved ones as well. Over the years, weddings have moved from indoor venues to exploring the outside world. Outdoor weddings not only offer fresh air and environment friendly options, but they also add into making the overall aesthetic of the event beautiful. With these, there is rise in the popularity of outdoor weddings and with it, the manufacturing of outdoor wedding event tents. There are a lot of different materials and design of outdoor tents available in the current market and this article will focus on the common tent designs that can be found.

Frame and pole tents

These type of tents uses frames and pole as implied in the name to hold the cloth up which can be easily installed on the ground. Frame tents can also be used in concrete surfaces, but the pole tents cannot be used so since concrete surfaces will not be able to hold down the poles effectively.

Carnival tent

The classic carnival look with red and white stripes can be easily captured but there are also other colors and fabric types available. This type of design simply refers and focuses on capturing that iconic carnival tent shape

Transparent tent

May be a great unique option to pick as wedding tents. Transparent tents are usually ideal for evening events so that the guests can easily see the moon and the starts and other light decorations by simply looking up. Transparent tents also give you the option and allow you to be able to enjoy and bask in the beauty of the event venue and surroundings you chose. All of that while not sacrificing the durability, comfort and protection that an event tent provide to you and your guests.