The Difference Between The Vitamix a3500 And Vitamix 750

Curious about the differences of certain brand of blenders? Wanting to know the pros and cons for getting a certain brand and a certain model? We’ll check all the details and work on this with you to make sure that we narrow down what is more beneficial for you.

Vitamix have created 2 very promising and powerful blenders, one of which has a take on the more traditional professional series and that’s the Vitamix 750 and then there’s the newest take on a much updated technology, the A3500.

We will work on the difference between Vitamix a3500 and Vitamix 750. As mentioned the A3500 has leaned on to having a much newer technology. One of the Vitamix A3500’s Ascent series is Bluetooth enabled. The Ascent series would definitely help you look into the future as it has an app in which you can unlock 17 preset blending modes in which you will be able to use in Smartphones and Tablets.

A Smart blender would work for you especially if you are following very specific instructions. The A3500 has an ability to detect on which type of jar is attached to the blender and it will automatically makes adjustments on blending timing and speed so that you don’t overdo whatever it is that you are making.

As mentioned earlier with the difference between Vitamix a3500 and Vitamix 750 the latter has a much more basic take on your blending needs. The Vitamix 750 is uses the dial to adjust the speed and you’d have to manually monitor the speed that is produced by the machine.

In the end, both blenders are amazing for usage, one thing big of a difference is the application that you will be able to use together with the Vitamix A3500. Regardless of what you choose, though, both is created greatly for the convenience of the user.