Do Metal Prints Show The Same Details As The Original Photo?

Now-a-days one of the greatest forms of displaying one’s photographic skills is using HD metal prints. They last much longer than canvas prints. Though some people are put off by the idea of having HD metal prints saying that these look artificial. But that is not the case. HD metal prints are printed versions of photos on flashing. They make the colors more vibrant and look more realistic than actual photos. They are great gifts if you want to share a special memory with someone. You can know more about it at this website.

How realistic HD metal prints are made?

Making HD metal prints aren’t that hard. First you need is a roll of aluminum flashing. These are extremely thin sheet metals that can be rolled through an inkjet printer. The thinner the flashing, the better. Choose the size you to print and cut the flashing with a tin snips. Also the piece of flashing must be smaller than the printer itself. The piece must also be straight so using a measuring tape and drawing lines would be best before cutting. After this use a 600 grit sand paper to sand through the flashing to remove the protective top coating. Then use a commercial cleaner to clean the surface of the flashing to eliminate all of the residue. When this is done cover the entire surface with inkjet pre-coating and apply all of it firmly. After the coating is done attach the flashing to a regular paper the size of the flashing and run it through the printer. When the print comes out cut a piece of sheet paper according to the size and rub the entire surface with sandpaper. Now brush the entire thing with acrylic polyurethane and transfer the design onto it. Press it down for about an hour and it is ready. The finish and the framing depend on personal preference. Using a glossy finish rather than a matte finish make the photos a lot more realistic.

How much does a metal print cost?

Metal print prices depend on the size. The prices are something like 28.99 dollars for 8×8, 8×10, 10×10 and 12×12, 29.99 dollars for 8×12, 45.99 dollars for 12×16, 47.99 dollars for 12×18, 65.99 dollars for 16×24, 72.99 dollars for 18×24, 79.99 dollars for 20×20, 125.99 dollars for 24×24, 149.99 dollars for 24×36 and 249.99 dollars for 36×36. If you want the canvases to be framed then you have to pay extra. The extra prices would be 37.99 dollars, 40.99 dollars, 57.99 dollars, 58.99 dollars, 89.99 dollars, 92.99 dollars and 132.99 dollars respectively.

HD metal prints are perfect if you want to go down memory lane. They give people all the time they need to collect their memories. They are perfect for telling stories to people throughout the generations to come.

Metal Prints Are Becoming A Popular Décor Option All Over The World

Metal prints are one of the most favorable home decors in this day and age. These are quite different from canvas prints. It is a delightful way of sharing a special memory. The finishes usually are of two types. Matt finishes and glossy finishes. More and more people are being drawn to the idea of decorating their rooms with metal prints. People want to share their thought and memories with someone with both framed and unframed prints. The biggest example would be the metal prints in Canada. Seeing a modern house without a metal print is quite rare. Read on to know about the benefits of having a custom metal print.

Why are metal prints a famous room décor?

Metal prints are a special way of keeping the photos you want up on the wall from where you can revisit the memory anytime. There are various reasons why one would want turn their photos into metal prints. First of all the metal bring a room together. You can print various pictures that go with the wall and decorate accordingly. If you frame the canvases then it will help to cover more area. With good spacing you can make the wall more beautiful. Another reason would be metal prints can be printed in almost any size you want. You can choose the size that fits you best. People print out photos the size of the entire wall these days. Even if it seems like the pictures are random, with a little planning they can tell you an entire story. Not only that. You do not have to limit them to the photos that you take yourself. With the metallic finish you can print out all the things you want. You can bring a little aesthetic sense to your room. Whether you want a matt finish or a glossy finish both are beautiful in their own way. In Canada almost every house has adapted to the metal print culture. Everyone portrays their favorite scenes on the walls.

How much does a metal print cost?

The metal print prices depend on the size. The prices are something like CA$35.99 for 8×8, 8×10, 10×10 and 12×12, CA$37.99 for 8×12, CA$57.99 for 12×16, CA$59.99 for 12×18, CA$82.99 for 16×24, CA$91.99 for 18×24, CA$100.99 for 20×20, CA$158.99 for 24×24, CA$189.99 for 24×36 and CA$316.99 for 36×36. If you want the canvases to be framed then you have to pay extra. The extra prices would be CA$47.99, CA$50.99, CA$72.99, CA$74.99, CA$113.99, CA$116.99 and CA$167.99 respectively.

Metal prints are a must have item these days. People love metal prints. Canadians love them even more so. The prints bring closure to everyone. A room without metal prints these days is considered dull and boring. The entire world is adapting to the idea of having realistic metal prints to keep all their precious memories where they can see them.